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Stick to position, build strong defense line, and take multiple measures in prevention and control of the epidemic

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In order to deal with the sudden epidemic, defend the campus and build a strong defense line, the Party committee of the school carries the responsibility of prevention and control, emphasizes the safety of teachers and students.They have established an effective working mechanism, and taken effective measures to ensure the health and life safety of teachers, students and staff of our university.

Theleading group of school epidemic prevention and control has held special meetings for many times to convey the meeting spirit of the superior, study the campus epidemic prevention and control, refine relevant measures and formulate the next work plan in 2022.For various gathering activities, they proposed that we should strengthen management, implement the minimum unit group management as far as possible, further improve the emergency response plan, reasonably arrange work and clarify the division of responsibilities.

The school implemented the return of teachers and students in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the superior. For teachers and students living in high-risk areas, their return will be suspended; Teachers and students who have arrived at the school will be isolated and tested separately in the academic exchange center, etc. Since the first day of the staff's check-in on February 18, our school has cooperated with ShangningPhysical Examination Center to complete the nucleic acid detection for all the teachers and students returning to school by batches.

According to the recent epidemic situation in Taiyuan and the requirements of the superior, in order to strengthen the prevention,the school has implemented on duty and strictly controls the entrance and exit of the campus. All personnel should wipe their cards to enter the school only after passing the verification of travel QR code, health QR code and temperature checks.

Our campus has reserved sufficient epidemic prevention materials in advance. For the teaching offices, the work of "cleaning, disinfection and ventilation" have been strengthened, and students should strictly abide by the principle of "wearing masks, distancing one meter and washing hands frequently". For the fields involving the delivery of materials from outside the school, canteen material supply, supermarket, express delivery, postal receiving and dispatching, garbage removal and transportation, shops, bakery and other fields, three requirements of "strict vehicle personnel management, contactless pick-up and delivery of materials, and keeping a good physical protection" need to be observed.

Due to wide management range, large number of people, high pressure of external imported cases and internal control, the logistics department conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation of all personnel according to the changes of the national epidemic, orderly arranged the staff to return to school, and prevented suspected and closely connected personnel from entering the campus.At present, the epidemic prevention and control still faces many risks and challenges. The Party committee of school calls on teachers and students to pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control at all times, implement normalized measures such as wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning, and make concerted efforts to maintain the safety of teachers and students, so as to welcome spring with excellent achievements in combating the epidemic.