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“The First Classin theNew Semester"and the National Flag Raising Ceremony were Held.

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On the morning of February 21, more than 1000 teachers and students, including all school leaders, the main principals of all colleges and functional departments, the deputy secretaries in charge of student work of all departments, all counselors and student representatives, gathered in the stadium of Wucheng campus to ceremoniously hold the "first class" and national flag raising ceremony of the 2022 spring semester. Ding Yaowu, the Secretary of the Party committee, gave a lecture on "the first lesson at the beginning of new semester". Zhang Yongde, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, presided over the ceremony.

The national Flag guards walked with firm steps, escorting the national flag to the platform steadily. With the majestic national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rose slowly. All teachers and students stared at the national flag and saluted. The passionate “March of the Volunteers” resounded through the campus.

Ding Yaowu taught "the first lesson at the beginning of new semester" to teachers and students with the theme of "reflection, feeling and gratitude leaders,and struggle for youth". He pointed out that studying, publicizing and carrying out the instructions conveyed by Xi Jinping after investigation and study in Shanxi province is the primary theme of this speech, and is also a major political task for the current and future periods.All teachers and students must work hard to study and publicize the spirit of Xi Jinping's instructions. We should understand thoroughly, work diligently, forge ahead, and build up a strong and powerful domestic first-class university of fiancé and economics. He put forward three expectations for the majority of young students: First, we should deeply learn leadership spirit, firm faith and cultivate feelings, so that we can go further. Second, we should always remember leadership’s entrustment, be confident, be courageous and strive to be the first and devote our youth. Third, we should deeply appreciate the care of leaders, forge ahead, create the future, and let youth rush into the era.