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21 majors were selected as national or provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2020

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Recently, the Ministry of Education released a list of national and provincial-level first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in 2020. Eight majors of our school, including financial engineering, international economics and trade, law, computer science and technology, management science, business administration, marketing, and auditing, were selected as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in 2020; 13 majors, including resource and environmental economics, applied statistics, insurance, finance, national economic management, trade economics, real estate development and management, information management and information systems, human resource management, asset evaluation, cultural industry management, administration Management and financial mathematics were selected as the 2020 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction site.

Up to now, 14 national first-class undergraduate specialtyhas been selected into construction sites and 18 undergraduate specialties have been selected into provincial first-class construction sites. More than 67% of the specialties in our university have been successfully selected into the "Double Ten-thousand Plan" of national and Shanxi specialty construction.