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Graduate education conference held in our university

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On March 5, the Graduate Education Conference of our university was held.

Chang Naijun, Secretary of the SXUFE Party Committee, pointed out that quality is the lifeline of postgraduate education, the cornerstone of the sustainable development of postgraduate education, and the eternal theme of postgraduate training. The key point is to grasp the "two points and one line", "two points" is enrollment and graduation, and "one line" is the whole training process. The work of graduate education in our university should firmly adhere to the main line of "moral education, service demand, quality improvement, and pursuit of excellence”, and it should strengthen organizational leadership, enhance responsibility implementation, and create a good atmosphere.

President Liu Weiqi briefly reviewed the "seven achievements" of graduate education since the 13th Five-yearPlan, highly condensed the "six experiences" of graduate education, scientifically analyzed the "four situations" currently faced by graduate education, and accurately planned the "five tasks" of graduate education in the future.He pointed out that during the "14thFive-year Plan" period, the postgraduate education should adhere to the guidance of morality cultivation, building the ideological and political work system of the whole process and all-round education; and it should insist on the discipline orientation, stick to strengthening the discipline construction, establishing the discipline ecosystem with SXUFE characteristics.The postgraduate education needs the reform orientation, exploringto form a new mode of postgraduate training, and constantly improvingits quality; italso needs service orientation to face the forefront of the world's science and technology competition, the main battlefield of economic and social development, the arising needs of the people, the national governance strategy, and the transformation of Shanxi province, so as to improve the graduate students' academic innovation ability. In addition, it should adhere to the guidance of teachers' ethics, strengthening the performance of their duties, constantly improving the level of the tutor team, and the school should strive to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of SXUFE graduate education.

Yang Junqing, member of the Standing Committee of the SXUFE Party Committee and vice president, interpreted our school's "Instructions on Deepening the Reform of Postgraduate Education and Improving the Quality of Postgraduate Training".