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From 246 to 140! SXUFE achieved a new leap forward

Date:2021-03-26 18:30:30  Author:  Click:

On March 25, the national third-party university evaluation organization,AiruishenAlumni Network, officially released the 2021 ranking of Chinese universities. SXUFE ranked 140th in the national universities and ranked 10th in the national financial universities. Compared with the 246th in 2018, theoverall ranking of national universities increased by 106, and our ranking in national financial universities increased by 4 compared with the 14th in 2018. All of these achieved the best level in our school history.

Since “13th Five-Year” Plan, SXUFE has been guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, adhering to the direction of socialist orientation with Chinese characteristics, implementing the party's educational policy in an all-round way, taking the top 10 in China's financial and economic universities as its development goal, and taking "advocating learning and pursuing excellence" as its running concept. The whole university has taken "building first-class disciplines, strengthening first-class majors and cultivating first-class talents" as the main direction, implemented the development strategy of establishing the university with quality, strengthening the university with talents, prospering the university with culture, opening up the school and running the university according to law, firmly adhered to the development mode of connotation development, characteristic development, innovative development and international development, concentrated on construction, determined to reform and promote development, and made every possible effort. Our school has made historic and transformative achievements in various educational undertakings.