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Zhang Erfang

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Zhang Erfang, female, 49 years old, is one of leading scholarsin Marxist Theory, party member, doctor of Philosophy, postgraduate supervisor. She is entitled with National Outstanding Educator, National High Education Outstanding Ideological and Political Education Educator and Shanxi 4 Ones Talent. She has been teaching since 2005, which includingintroduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured socialism ideology applied technology of database, Chinese Marxism and Its Contemporary, etc. She is also the director of China Dialectical Materialism Research Association, vice-president of Shanxi Philosophy Association, etc. She has published 2 books and over 30 papers, leading one National Social Science Funded Project and 55 provincial projects. Her research work won the second prize of Shanxi 9th Social Science Research Achievement and the first prize of Shanxi High Education Outstanding Research Achievement.


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