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Yang Junqing

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Yang Junqing, male, was born in 1963, leading scholar of Industrial and Commercial Management, party member, Doctor of Economics, professor, doctoral supervisor, the expert who has the State Council special subsidy, leading scholar of Shanxi Academic Technology, Shanxi High Education Excellent Young Academic Pacemaker. He has been teaching courses since 1991, which include labor economics, payment management, the western economics, human resources, etc. He is also the executive deputy director of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration, the executive director of the Labour Science Branch of China Association for LabourStudies ,the executive director ofLabour Relations Branch of China Human Resource Development Association, etc. He has published over 80 paper on different journals, such as China Industrial Economics, Chinese Journal of Population Science, Economic ManagementNankai Journal, Finance & Trade Economics, etc. He has published 15 books, such as Non state-owned Enterprises andDualisticEconomic Structure Transformation with Incomplete Classic Assumptions ,Human Resources Management: Connectivity Discussion between Macro- and Micro Human Resources Management, General Theory of ManagementPayment Management, Managerial Economics, etc. He also managed over 30 major projects withprovincial and ministerial level rewarded.

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