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Sun Guoqiang

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Sun Guoqiang, male, was born in 1963, leading scholar of Management Science and Engineering, Shanxi Academic Technology Leader, Shanxi Outstanding Innovative Talent, party member, Doctor of Management, professor and doctoral supervisor. He has been teaching since 1989, including organization theory, management research method, network organization theory for PhD candidates, management research method, network organization theory, paper searching and writing for postgraduates and management for undergraduates. He is the director of China Management Science and Engineering Association, the director of China Management Modernization Research Association, the director of China Enterprise Management Research Association Network Organization Special Committee, the director of China Sociology Relationship Management and Social Network Committee, vice-president of Shanxi Management Science Research Association, etc. He has published 3 books, which are Network Organization: New Trend in the Development of Organization, Research on the Negative Effects of Network Organization, Research on the Theory and Governance of Network Organization.He is the co-author of Management Research Method. He has published over 70 paperson different journals, such as Chinese Journal of Management Science, China Industrial Economics, Journal of Applied Statistics and Management, Nankai Business Review, Foreign Economics &Management, etc. He has won one first prize and two second prizes of Shanxi Social Science Outstanding Achievement and one second prize of Shanxi High Education Teaching Achievement.

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