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Shen Peilong

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Shen Peilong, male, was born in 1964 leading scholar of Applied Economics, party member, doctor of management. He graduated from Beihang University, with his post-doctor of Applied Economics from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is professor and doctoral supervisor. He has been teaching courses since 2003, such as financial engineering, economic investment, advanced financial risk management,financial economicsand stochastic calculus for finance, etc. He published 2 books and over 100 academic papers, being the compiler or translator for 2 books and led over 30 nation and province level projects. He was also rewarded for over 10 province or high level awards. He is the leader of Shanxi Academic Technology, the holder of Shanxi May 1Labour Medal and National Excellent Technology Personnel. Moreover, he is the think tank expert of Shanxi Standing Committee of the People's Congress, the expert of Shanxi Finance Leadership Team Office, the expert of Monetary Policy Commission of the People's Bank of China, the member of Credit Grading and Working Quality Evaluation Committee, etc.


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