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​Li Baoyu

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Li Baoyu, male, was born in 1956, leading scholar of Statistics, Dean of SXUFE Statistics Institute, professor, doctoral supervisor, the expert who has the State Council special subsidy, member of National Social Science Fund Evaluation Experts, representative of National Characteristic Professionalism, leading academic scholar of Shanxi Statistics, representative of Social Science Key Research Base, representative of Shanxi Statistics subject, representative of Shanxi Outstanding Postgraduate Supervisor Team, Shanxi Outstanding Innovative Talent, Outstanding teacher of National Bureau of Statistics of China, China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Excellent Teacher, Shanxi Famous Teacher, Shanxi Outstanding Postgraduate Supervisor, Shanxi Model Worker, the holder of Shanxi May 1 Labour Medal, standing director of China Statistics Association, vice-president of National Accounting Society of China High Education Branch, vice-president of Shanxi Statistics Association, member of National Statistics Textbook Evaluating and Editing Committee, editorial board member of Statistical Research, expert of Shanxi province. He is also the anonymous reviewer for Statistical Research, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Statistics & Information Forum, etc.

He teaches national economic accounting and macroeconomic statistics analysis, etc. His research area includes national economic accounting and macroeconomic analysis. He published over 40 papers, of which 30 are published on “Statistical Research”,  whichmakes him one of the top 10 authors in the last 30-year ranking. He also published dozens of books and textbooks, and led 5 National Social Science Funded Projects, including one key project. He finished nearly 30 provincial tasks and got over 20 provincial prizes.


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