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​Cao Xia

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Cao Xia, female, was born in 1963, leading scholar of Laws, party member, doctor of Laws, doctoral supervisor, the expert who has the State Council special subsidy, Legislative expert of the Standing Committee of Shanxi People's Congress. She has been teaching courses since 1984, including business English, laws English, China environmental law, international environmental law, etc. She has published 6 books, over 50 papers, including 4 on SSCI and 2 on SCI. She has led 7 national and provincial level projects and won provincial level 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 1 third prize. She has been entitled as “Shanxi High Education Outstanding Innovative Talent”, “Shanxi High Education Technology Innovative Model”, “Shanxi Academic Technology Leader” and awarded as “Shanxi May 1 Labor Model”. She is also the standing director of China Environment and Resources Law Research Association, vice-president of China Environment Science Association Environmental Law Branch, researcher of Supreme People's Court Department of Environment and Resources Theory Research Base, president of Environmental Resource and Energy Laws Research Association of Shanxi Laws Association.


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