Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE) is situated in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province and a famous historical and cultural city in China. Founded in 1951,it is one of the forerunnersamong all the universities of Finance and Economics in China.Adhering to the university motto of “Be virtuous, faithful, erudite and truthful” and the entrepreneurial spirit of Shanxi merchants “Be courteous, honest, diligent and pioneering”, SXUFEhas made great achievements in talent-cultivating, scientific research, social service and international exchanges, significantly contributing to the advancement of economy and society, both locally and nationally. So far, there are over 150 thousand students who have graduated from SXUFE and are working now in various parts at home and abroad. Now, SXUFE is committed to building up a distinctive high-level university of Finance and Economics.

SXUFE is a mufti-disciplinary university with economics, management, statistics and law science as its featured and advantageous programs, and with economics, management, law, liberal arts, science, engineering, pedagogics and aesthetics in coordinate development. At present,there are 24 schools or departments, 8 scientific research institutes with entity and 12 ones without entity, 3 provincially key disciplines, 6 provincially key construction disciplines, 2 key provincially supported disciplines, 4 provincially key research bases of liberal art and social sciences, and 1 provincially collaborative innovation center. Furthermore, it has 1postdoctoral scientific research working stations, 3 first-classPhD programs, 1 second-classPhD programs, 8 first-class master degree programs, 4 second-classmaster degree programs, and 15 specialized master degree programs. SXUFE also runs 57 undergraduate programs, 5 state-level characteristic majors,1 province-dominant specialty majors in higher education, 7 province-level characteristic majors and 11 province-branded majors. And the university is also authorized to offerdouble bachelor degree in 15 undergraduate programs to applicants who are qualified enough to acquire equivalent academic competence in the corresponding majors.

SXUFE is backed by an intellectually strong and structurally well-designed faculties consisting of over 1699 regular teachers, among which there areabout 441 professors and associate professors and approximately 400 teacherswith Doctor degree. Besides, there are 47 experts either enjoying the special government subsidy of the State Council or recognized as the New Century Excellent Talents by the Ministry of Education or as the provincial young and middle-aged academic pacesetters, and 25 provincial outstanding teachers.In addition, Over 120 experts or scholars prominent in both China and abroad have been invited to be part-time or visiting professors of SXUFE, and 258 specialists of research organizations and successful entrepreneurs are invited to act as the mentors for postgraduates. SXUFE has a complete educating system for bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctor's degree and Post-doctoral program. Recruiting students from 30 provinces, cities or autonomous regions in China, SXUFE now contains nearly 30 thousand students of all kinds, of which there are 16,959 regular undergraduate students and over 3,321 Doctor and Master degree applicants. The graduates from SXUFE are acknowledged and sought-after by the society of being knowledgeable, high-qualified, versatile, pioneering and practical-sensed. In2015, the employment rate of undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students was 88.65%, 94.30% and 100%, respectively.

With its Wucheng campus, Yingze campus and Pingyang campus, SXUFE covers an area of about 1956mu (equivalent to 131.052 hectares, including Dongshan campus), of which the building space occupies about 600 thousand square meters. The library of SXUFE has a collection of 3.7 million books.SXUFE is equipped with such modern teachingacademic and experimental facilities as the Center of Internet and Information Technology, Experimental TeachingCenter-a state-level demonstration center,Gymnasium Center,International Academic Exchange Center, Museum for Shanxi Merchants and Currencies in History,ERP Laboratory,Finance Laboratory, Accounting Simulation Laboratory, Moot Court, and so on. All these facilities give its teachers and students a solid learning, academic and scientific research foundation.

Standing at a new historical turning point, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics , in pressing towards the construction of a “distinctive, high-level,domestic first-class financial university”, with “constructing buildings, gathering talents, establishing good atmosphere, casting soul” as its strategic focus, “developing with innovation, strengthening with talents, establishing with qualities, leading with culture andinternationalizing” as its strategic approach, will carry forward its spirit, temper its virtue, make arrangement scientifically, implement the policy precisely, and constantly create wonderful chapters in the future development. It is poised to make a leap forward and make greater contributions to Shanxi's economic and social growth, as well as to the development of China's higher education and national rejuvenation.